Your Photos Suck

When I was running a photo gallery I started developing a critical eye.  That is one of the things I feared the most going into that venture.  Who am I to say why someones work is good or bad.  I quickly learned that I liked what I liked and it was ok to not like something and say it constructively to the artist.  The key is to be constructive.  Sometimes it's all about the little things, other times it's just bad.

I found this article recently that touched upon the idea that in the era of social media affirmation we don't truly express how we feel about someones creative work.  Too easy to hit "like", something that I am guilty of too.  What are your thoughts?  Would you be able to give negative but constructive feedback on someones Facbook or Instagram post?  

Here is the post that inspired my post Chances Are, You Suck (I stole the title from there, kinda).  It's something that I have been thinking about ever since the Flickr days.  Even when I took some photo classes at CCSF I felt that people were too nice and not honest enough.  How can an artist grow if his or her peers aren't honest?

He also has some good links to other website that post good images.  I haven't gone through them all yet but looking forward to.