New Lomography Petzval 568mm Lens


I came across this blog that taked about the new Lomo Petzval 58mm lens.  I love old brass lenses but don't know a lot about them and always looking to learn.  I think that it's cool that there is enough interest in them to have a company create new brass lenses like the Petzval.  

After looking at the sample images I must say that in my opinion that I am a little disappointed.  I don't know if I like the swirly bokeh that this lens produces.  It seems a bit artificial and nothing like the beautiful swirly bokeh from other older lenses that I have seen.  I think someone in the comment section said that it felt gimmicky and was like a lensbaby.  

All that being said, physically it's a beautiful looking lens.  It's just not fitting with my aesthetics but may for others.  Opinions?